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The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month.

The finalists for May were:

Home by Jo Withers
Lessons on Electricity, or: When in Quarantine with a Husband by Laurie Kuntz
Our Good Luck by Jennifer L. Freed
Start Over by Daniel Clark
First Blossom by Casey Laine
Stop looking at your phone, waiting for the dead to call by Bob Thurber

The winner of the May 2020 Story of the Month, and the $10 prize, is…

Our Good Luck

Back-to-back awards show the consistent quality of Jennifer’s work. Her piece in May resonated particularly with me, as I lost a grandparent earlier this year, not long before the COVID-19 restrictions came into effect. Even without the personal connection, though, this story had real power and speaks to one aspect of the challenging times we’re living in right now.