“Someone’s in my house trying to kill me!” cried Timothy Thicke into his cell phone. “I’m by my bathroom window.”

“Duck, please,” said Evan Edgelow into his bluetooth headset, two thousand yards away.

Thicke ducked.

Edgelow fired his sniper rifle.

“Got him,” Edgelow said. “He was coming up behind you.”

3 thoughts on “THICKE AND EDGELOW 4: Duck, Please

  1. Who are you? Are you maybe a cousin? My father is Les Edgelow, you are a writer? I live downtown Vancouver. I’m on facebook as well……….Look me up, I’m interested because, you are part of my family I suspect I’ve never heard the name Even Edgelow

  2. Hi Darrell. Evan Edgelow is just a fictional name. As some people may have guessed, I’ve based the Timothy Thicke character on myself, but Edgelow is straight-up fiction.

    The Thicke and Edgelow characters started in a Twitter-based story which you can read here:

    Fun piece of trivia: the names “Thicke” and “Edgelow” are street names; they meet in an intersection along Highway 1 on Vancouver Island.

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