POLL: How Often Should 50WS Post Stories Going Forward?

As we head into a new year of 50WS, I’m exploring some different options for ways to improve the site. For a long time we’ve been sharing one story per day, every weekday, but I’m open to other arrangements. We spent a few weeks posting two stories every weekday, and that seemed to go over well. There are other options, too.

I’d love to hear what you, as readers, would prefer. Please vote on the poll below, and leave comments to tell me what you think!

[poll id=”3″]

Thanks for an awesome 2013, everyone, and here’s to an even better 2014!

5 thoughts on “POLL: How Often Should 50WS Post Stories Going Forward?

    1. I agree, if two stories a day warrants it (I would hate to see the quality diminish over time though). If not, why not have a play off at weekends. The 2 highest ranking stories for the week (or whatever) get invited to extend their 50 word stories into longer pieces the following weekend – could be done in rounds with a grand final. Extensions could be 50 times 5 to make 250 words or add a zero to make it 500 words.

      1. That’s an interesting concept, Connell! I’m not sure if it would maintain the spirit of the site, but it would potentially be kind of fun. :)

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