2 thoughts on “KATYA DUFT: The Circle of Life

  1. Given Tim’s recent approval of constructive criticism, I thought I would suggest two things. First, so that you might have a modifier in front of “wife,” (which I think would make it read a smidge better) I would say “his wife” and change the verb of the following sentence from “was slowly walking” to “slowly walked” to save yourself a word so you could have the modifier. I also think that the “,” following “Probably drunk” should be inside the quotation marks and read “Probably drunk,”. These are minor suggestions for what I think is a great story succinctly told. I love the concept of the small decisions in life, the assumptions we make, having far greater effects than we know. I often wonder what I have done or haven’t done that may have led to events of which I am unaware – both good and bad.

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