5 thoughts on “DEANNA MORRIS: Revlon 43

  1. Tim!: How the heck can a piece as fine as this receive two votes and have 1 star. The voting method here seems tragically flawed.

    Deana, this is a tight nifty story with 2 characters, action and a closing irony that is perfect. To my thinking this is a perfect story. Five stars from me. Great job. Jeff

    1. There’s no accounting for taste!

      There’s a reason I don’t base Story of the Week, etc., on reader ratings. Too many reasons someone might rate a story low. Even if it’s well written, maybe they just don’t “like” it.

  2. Taste is a hard one to fathom. Work that one out and we’d all be rich. The story works well towards its conclusion and ticks all the boxes. Well done!

    I liked the use of the word ‘nifty’ Jeff. I haven’t heard it for ages. I might try to work it into a story.

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