4 thoughts on “BARRY O’FARRELL: The Power of the Future

    1. G’day M,
      Thank you for your comment. After 10 years in acting, the interest in writing has emerged and your words are encouraging.
      Barry O’Farrell

  1. Hi Barry, I have worked with computers, robotics and automation for the last 36 years, the words you shared are not science fiction and I can see you clearly understand that fact. As I read your words I thought about the simple abuse, of our creative minds, minds that could formulate such destructive weapons. Anyway your words made me reflect on the nature of mankind. Great post ***** Patrick

    1. G’day Patrick,
      Glad you enjoyed my story.
      A bit of Reverse Psychology sometimes goes a long way.
      Tank you for your considered comment.
      Barry O’Farrell

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