13 thoughts on “DEBRA DANZ: Mom Moments

  1. Less is always more, and the minimum here lets the reader expand into his or her own experience. After all, EVERYBODY has — or had — a mom! Well done, Debra! Sarah, Baden, Switzerland

    1. Sarah, thank you for your lovely comments. As you know, my mom is rapidly losing her ability to remember. I want to take her memories and make them part of me – safely preserve them – safely preserve her. Everybody has or had a mom; I am grateful that I can still embrace mine, and her memories.

    1. Hi Connell, thank you for commenting on my story. It is a sad situation, and writing is my way of coming to terms with it – a form of therapy.

  2. Wonderful and very powerful. Thanks for sharing this personal piece with everyone. Well done Debra – I always love your stories and this lives up to your usual very high standards.

  3. It´s a real situation nowadays.A lot of us have or had a mother or father in this situation.It´s a emotional story. Thank you.

  4. Hello dear Debra,

    Very sweet. Your mom is lucky to have you as a daughter.

    Maria from Zug

    btw: I was also born in Brooklyn

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