10 thoughts on “JENNIFER L FREED: Married Love

  1. Did you write this in fifty words by accident or was that intentional? It just sounds so perfect and I don’t know how you do it. I like the poem too, it’s quite good.

  2. Pleasant sentimentality but the multiple use of “know” and “knowing” was a bit of an irritation. In FF, every word, every thought must count and I felt in the line

    After all these years
    of knowing you, I still don’t
    fully know you.

    the “of knowing you” was redundant and not needed

      1. i like the way you say it.
        i enjoy the way it sounds.

        After all these years
        of knowing you, i still don’t
        fully know you.

        i think that without the “knowing you” it wouldn’t sound as good, as full, as complete.

  3. Which three words? Perhaps ‘understand’ and ‘realise’ might be two contenders, but I can’t be sure they wouldn’t distract the reader by changing the number of syllables in each line too much. I don’t think they all need to change though. Metre is more important for me.than repetition, although I can certainly see the problem with repetition.

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