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  1. Interesting story, with so many possible motives. Why do we Russians have such a strong preference for poison to execute our enemies? There was Rasputin—and, more recently, several others, including Litvinenko.

    1. Hi Alex, Thanks ever so much for the comment. Very much appreciated. Will reciprocate having a look at your posts. The best. Victor

      1. Hi, Victor,
        Just wondering: do you live in Russia? You have a fine command of the nuances of the English language.
        I’ve never been to Russia, but I grew up speaking Russian with my Russian-born parents. I’m quite fluent, though maybe at a12-year-old’s level, but the Cyrillic alphabet is a challenge for me. I have to work on it.
        Hope to see more of your work.

        1. Yes, Саша,
          I live in Russia – was born there, never have changed the place of residence, St. Petersburg, and never been to an English-speaking country. Started writing in English about half a year ago. A dozen or a bit more of my short stories are on the shortbreadstories.com site, one was published on Literallystories.com. By the way, if you signed in on shortbreadstories, we could start communicating via message wall, of course if you wished to. Actually, the site is moribund, that is they haven’t been uploading new stories for more than two months, but there still a possibility to read what was posted, leave comments and send messages. In case you might get interested, my bio in on literallystories. The name is Victor Bort. I’d very much like to find a pen pal sharing my interest in writing in the English language. Could help you with the Russian language if needed. Anyway, I’m very pleased to have caught your attention. Should you feel like interacting once in a while, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to exchange e-mail addresses.
          Take care.

          1. Дорогой Витя,

            I’ve just read your story, “The Product,” and thought it was excellent and thought-provoking. I suffer from most of the aches and pains that go with my age. Your product had considerable initial appeal, but the terms are rather harsh. I’ll be looking for more of your stories on the net

            How exciting to live in the cultural center of Russia, home of the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Conservatory where my favorite composer, Prokofiev, was an enfant terrible.

            I appreciate your offer to help with my Russian, but I think what I need is to simply spend the time sounding out the letters until the words become more familiar and I can decipher them at a glance. I haven’t been devoting time to this task lately because I’ve been obsessed with my writing. I was a magazine editor before I retired (Consumer Reports—we tested and rated various consumer products: TVs, washers and driers, cars (my specialty), etc. After spending the day in the office writing and editing, I looked for mindless activities when I came home. But I’d always wanted to write fiction, and now I’m finally doing it.

            I’ve just signed up with shortbread stories and would be glad to communicate further.

            Best wishes,


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