6 thoughts on “BOB MCNEIL: A Presaged Day Ago

    1. Arthur Quisling’s despondency strikes a chord. Just a few days ago I exchanged messages with a Facebook friend about the plight of African American males in this society. I told him I wanted to go to Saturn where Stevie Wonder says the snow is orange and people don’t need cars because they have learned how to fly. I sympathize with Quisling. I hope he finds what his heart desires out there! The nightmare has become real life, down here below.

  1. brilliant, bob mcneil delivers a striking yet provocative and thought rendering tale of sci-fi … this gentlemen has talent above the average and keeps his audience coming back for more.

  2. A deep write within a direct cosmic connect, holds the vital thread of existence dear for planet earth’s fate is coming near. Bravo, dear Bob!

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