2 thoughts on “CYNTHIA FRANKS: Note Left on a Car in a Grocery Store Parking Lot

  1. Congratulations on earning the story of the month award. Well deserved! Considering you were up against a Thurber story, which almost always wins top mention on this site, you should treasure your accomplishment. From my perspective, your story is clearly the most innovative submission of the month, and merits a hearty “well done”!

  2. I happened upon this site after having read Merlin. Our beloved standard poodle died a week ago today. He was Mr Sweet, Beau ba luscious, Mr Waggle. A part of my heart is caught in my throat and my eyes reflexively water at the void in the house. His buddy, standard poodle, Louie, mopes and lies where Beau used to lie. Tuesday Louie and I will travel from Leelanau County back to his origin at Targa Poodles in Saline to meet a 7 mo old standard, hopefully a new best friend, walk mate, sleep mate. Someone to run the beach with, chase chip pies, play with. Hopefully, a new life that replaces the grief of loss with the chance to love again

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