5 thoughts on “ALISON CARROLL: The Decision

  1. Ms Carroll,
    As a crisis counselor, suicide saddens me immensely.
    I consider it a failure of our society and government.
    Your story shocked, saddened and enraged me.
    Well Done!


    1. Thank you for your comment JT. After 30 years in the field of mental health it still shocks, saddens and enrages me as well. I definitely see it as a failure of mankind. And yet, we stigmatize receiving help so greatly. Going forward, I hope to use flash fiction to shed light on mental health issues and perhaps, even in the tiniest way, decrease stigma. I get to marry my two passions – writing and working in the mental health field.

  2. I think the though-provoking “tiptoed through life,always on the periphery of happiness ” makes it a great short!

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