9 thoughts on “ALISON CARROLL: A Portrait of Schizophrenia

  1. Thank you Ms Carroll. I have struggled with mental illness for decades.
    What a wonderful story, more poignant because it is true.

  2. I have schizophrenia and your short story brings tears to my eyes. I have an awareness that some of my thoughts are not based in reality, and I can do nothing but struggle with them, and suffer from a faulty brain chemistry. Mental illness is one of the worst diseases, because it strikes at the very trust we have in our own ability to see the world truthfully and correctly. It undermines the trust we have in ourselves. Thank you for such a tender portrayal of this walking wounded young man.

    1. Todd, I am so sorry I did not respond sooner, but I just saw this comment. I hope you have someone in your life who has faith in you and you trust. I believe such supports are the the crux of recovery. I hope you have dreams and are fulfilling them despite your symptoms. Don’t let anything or anyone squash your dreams.

      1. Thank you for your kind response, Alison. I do have someone I trust–I have been married for 26 years this May, and she is my sunshine and my solid ground at times. I agree that having support of someone who is trusted, and who continues to believe in good possibilities is crucial to recovery. I am very fortunate to have that support. I also want to say “Thank you” for encouraging me to follow my dreams. People with mental illness are just like everyone else in that regard. I had a friend in college, who had a physical disability, who had a quote she liked to put up on her wall–it read, “Slow and steady, That’s my style, I’ll get there, But it’ll take a while.”!

  3. Great piece! I wonder if false memories is something that comes from our dreams. As for me, I too often have had the dreams where what happened couldn’t have ever happened to me. A probable case of Schizophrenia I have to consult about?

    1. Dont know that anyone truly knows where such false memories come from. I wouldn’t run to have yourself diagnosed unless it causes you discomfort . The field loves to label. Perhaps just a writer’s case of a creative mind.

      1. It would shurely take a creative mind to create what you have been creating distilled in 50 words! Amazing stuff, speaking of all the shorts I have read so far! Want then more, Best, Victor

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