9 thoughts on “GORDON LYSEN: Who Am I?

    1. Julia can you help me to understand this story. I mean to say please open and elaborate this short story.

  1. Hi Syed,
    This is my interpretation of Gordon’s wonderful story.

    “I don’t remember anymore.”
    The main character has dementia. I imagine him to be elderly.

    “I have a disease, but I can’t remember what it is called.”
    I guess it’s Alzheimer’s.

    “I can remember things, but they seem so long ago. From when I was younger.”
    Yes it is Alzheimer’s. People with this disease as it progresses don’t remember now, today, yesterday, a year ago, a few years ago, but memories from childhood are very clear. They will remember their childhood home so clearly but might not remember their home they lived in for decades with their spouse and children.

    “Someone helps me, and I think she is special to me.”
    This is probably the main character’s wife (or daughter). He will often forget who she is, but now and then he will remember who she is, this must hurt her so much. He might only remember her for a sentence or a glimpse.

    “Fog rolls over me, and she is gone.”
    He has forgotten who she is again. He just cannot access that part of his brain that tells him who people are.

    The story is so sad to me because I lost 2 family members to this disease and of course the writer Terry Pratchett had it and he was very open about it.


    1. Hi Julia,

      I am really indebted for the beautiful interpretation of Gordon’s Story. I am also fiction writer / journalist. Mostly my stories are written in Urdu Language ( a famous lang. in the Subcontinent). 50 Words Stories Page is my famous one. I am very much inquisitive to know western fiction.



      1. Hi Syed,
        I am currently reading Collected Stories by John Cheever. It was recommended to me by a writer friend. I have only read a few stories as I only started it last week but already I feel I am a better writer for reading it.
        Maybe Gordon and Lisa have some recommendations?

        1. Hi Julia,

          Glad to know you are reading John Cheever. I would be pleased if you forward me the link of that stories if possible. Nowadays I am also reading a novel written by Iqbal Hassan Khan regarding the partition of India and aftermath. You can join me on Face Book my i.d is there ” Syed Sadaqat Hussain ” or you can email me : syedsaddaqat@live.com So we can share much about fiction.


    2. Thanks Julia. You expressed a lot of feelings in your explanation of a disease that is touching the lives of far too many people. Much appreciated.

  2. Sometimes others I would send you my short stories in english translation.

    Hope you would enjoy it.

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