20 thoughts on “PONTIUS PAIVA: Palindrome

    1. Thanks, Jalayna. I don’t know exactly how much time I spent working on it, maybe a few hours. The real challenge was making it exactly fifty words long. It was a fun project and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the fun aspect. If I didn’t write, I’d have to spend all day trying to memorize what my partner wants me to buy at Tesco’s.
        That gives me fifteen words to finish my reply.
        You counted them too – admit it! Sure you did!

  1. Palindrome made Story of the Week! I would like to thank everyone who liked, shared, tweeted and commented. I believe your support had a lot to do with the story’s success. Thank you all :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment.

      There are many different ways to approach writing, so I’m not sure how useful my advice will be. That being said, my method is to start by creating a complete story outline based around a premise I find interesting, then build off of that. I hope that helps, best of luck.

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