4 thoughts on “BOB THURBER: Buried in the Meadowlands

  1. Our fearless leader and hardworking editor, Tim, had no idea of the odd coincidence of publishing this particular story today, December 16th. A friend this morning assured me its publication is “no coincidence.” And I’ll admit it’s certainly a serendipitous publication. On this date six-years ago, a chain of bizarre events unfolded that led to the shooting death of my daughter, Sarah Kate, mother of two young children. The loss of Sarah Kate marked the members of her family with permanent tattoos. I imagine all parents who lose a child carry this deep, invisible scarring, and continually, often wearily, balance its authority and its great weight, and experience the breathlessness of moments, the persistent gasping that disregards whatever the length of time, whatever the lull between heartbeats.

    Good wishes to all.


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