2 thoughts on “AJ ATWATER: Stephen Felix Meets His Savior

  1. Hi AJ

    I have read your 50 word piece and would like to comment, if you have no objection, i enjoy reading short passages and try to make time to think and perhaps comment on them. tonight, I am feeling mellow after a few drinks with close friends and wish that they would spend just a few minutes to tell me what they think of my work; sadly few rarely do. It is oh, so easy to gloss over a piece of writing and nod or shake your head but it is, in my humble opinion, worth stopping and considering a second or third time what the author has written. I hope you don’t mind if I discect it for my own enjoyment and hope that you will take my interest in your piece as a compliment even if I slag it off… I haven’t yet made up my mind. As I say, I’m feeling mellow and in the need to exercise my imagination (which like the family dog should be taken out for a walk at least once a day!)

    ‘Tresses and dresses’ immediately captures my attention: love the rhythm it makes. Then I find the rythm continues with, ‘ and she deceives… as Saviours often do,,,’ STOP! ‘yet’! dumpty AND, dumpty AND dumpty, dumpty…. then a little run of (musical) notes. Then there is a little hump, followed by an elongated slide where the echo of the repeated four sylable name is repeated (daring!, when you consider it has a 50 word limit, wouldn’t you say?) Then the final stanzer (if that’s the right term), ‘ where they all die’… pause…, ‘ eventually,’ …stop… ‘even Saviors.’ …climax words’… ta-dah!

    I have to say that I can’t pretend to understand it fully but I enjoyed the melodic way it was written. Perhaps, if I read it again and again I will get it but for the moment I am happy with the way it is written.

    SO, AJ, I say… thanks for the time I got to spend reading your work and I hope that, in some small way, I have added to the enjoyment of seeing your work in print and now know that there are people out there, like myself, who do more than just glance at it and then turn the page.

    Later, Dude!

    …….for folks who like to comment, here it is again!

    ‘Stephen Felix meets his Savior, her with long black tresses and long black dresses, and she deceives as Saviors often do, yet Stephen Felix fawns and trots and gloats at her side. This behavior is common among those in Stephen Felix’s unfortunate home, where they all die, eventually, even Saviors.’

    1. I think you had more than a few drinks, sir! You speak drivel. “dumpty AND, dumpty AND dumpty, dumpty” – sober up before you make comments in future!

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