5 thoughts on “JUDY CRAWFORD: Which Came First?

  1. @jonny – Ha ha! However, you’ve missed the point. This story is incomprehensible. As for the moniker – Agatha Christie was a very competent author. She didn’t write gobbledegook about a chicken dressed in a human skin suit.

    1. Miss “Marple”–I think You’ve missed the point. This is a story for entertainment purposes only. Lighten up! And not to digress, but Agatha Christie was not the most accomplished writer of mysteries–prolific, maybe but high brow?–Certainly not!

      1. Hi Tjames. I do understand it’s supposed to be for entertainment, but because its such a bad story it doesn’t entertain me at all. It makes no sense at all – even Jaberwocky made sense in its own context! This story is about a giant chicken in a human skin suit but with no explanation as to why this has happened.

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