19 thoughts on “SUSAN GALE WICKES: Anniversary

  1. I could sense my mother’s smile emanating down at me from the tiny wooden box on the nearby shadowbox containing a few of her ashes as I read this, simultaneously weeping and smiling.
    Perfectly done. Thanks.

      1. Beautifully written and tragic. It could have been written by daughter who just lost her husband.

  2. This may be bias, but I absolutely love your talent! It feels like this should be in the middle of a relationship advice column. The explination of how the right relationship feels and should continue to grow. This is definitely what people want, to be able to admire your significant other, and to be admired in this way back. Can not love this enough. Thank you, for allowing others to “feel” your words, because this may be the only way some will actually feel this.

  3. Wow that really surprised me with a bitter sweet feeling at the end! As usual, I’m loving your work and talent! Hugs 💑

  4. I too enjoyed your story. It is refreshing to see more people dropping in and letting you know that they enjoyed your effort. It’s the story that matters, although, I often think people need to be reminded about the time that goes into even a short piece. It’s never time wasted.

    Good luck.

    1. Thank you, Christian. I appreciate your comments and I believe you’re absolutely right. Even short pieces are usually given a fair amount of careful thought. Thanks for reading.

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