14 thoughts on “ADAM SIROVÁTKA: The Sheriff

  1. Adam, this is terrific. I’m 62 and I have read God knows how many books and seen countless documentaries about The Holocaust – a stain on mankind. The innocence of this story truly hit the spot for me. Well done my friend, more power to you. With people like you in the World, others will be educated and mortified at Man’s inhumanity to Man.

  2. Adam, this stirs up memories for me. I was in Czechoslovakia, in a town called Čáslav, in 1939 when the Nazis came. I was four years old and, like your protagonist, didn’t really understand what was happening, though I sensed that all was not well. My family was among the last to leave for the U.S. Your story captures the innocence of childhood simply and economically. Velmi dobrý. Well done.

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