4 thoughts on “CHARLIE SWAILES: Let Go

  1. “A summer romance, a day to forget”
    One day, a beautiful girl, decided to go alone on vacation, she loves the beach so she decided to go to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
    She was so Beautiful inside and out, she was eager to meet someone or some special place where she could get away from her routine life in the city.

    One day while she was sunbathing, a boy came to ask her name, she replied. And that’s where a love story arose, well something like that … the boy knew that the girl lived in the city, and that he would remain on the beach for only a month, he wanted to conquer it as soon as possible.
    The boy knew that he did not have much time, as The days went by the people in Vallarta got to know the girl, it seemed nice to everyone, it was there that one night the boy decided to tell him that if he stayed in Vallarta to live , that he offered her everything she wanted.
    the girl said no, that her vacation would end in a matter of days, she was angry, and a little anxious she replied that it was best to leave that “friendship” contact, for another occasion, that she wanted to finish her last days of vacation , alone….
    The end.

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