The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month.

The finalists for August were:

Kneel by Eric Persaud
I Point at the Shadows in Lieu of What I Dread by Graham Robert Scott
The Lion and the Lamb by Linda Vigen Phillips
Anti-Racism Haiku by Dan Brook
A Lost Moment by Patrick Yu

The winner of the August 2020 Story of the Month, and the $10 prize, is…

I Point at the Shadows in Lieu of What I Dread

So many emotional layers get wrapped into this piece, from the joy and relief of an arrival home to the amusement at a child defending a parent with a Nerf gun, and then the more complex thoughts around the child being afraid of a monster under the bed without the parent home to help, but the child having enough courage to prepare to fight the monster for the parent’s sake. I really love this story.

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