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Her desk was littered with scraps of paper, each scrawled with its own collection of words, representing a thousand grasped-at memories.

It wasn’t working. They wouldn’t come back.

She stoked the fireplace and began dropping the papers in, one by one. Forget the yesterdays: time to start working on tomorrow.

This story was based on the prompt “scraps of paper” at TypeTrigger.

The Mail Must Get Through

In fair weather or foul, the mail must get through.

No one knows why anymore. It has been possible for a decade to send any message electronically and to replicate or actuate any object that might previously have required physical transportation.

I suppose the mail carriers have a good union.

This story was based on the prompt “in fair weather” on TypeTrigger.


Sometimes when I fall asleep I see pictures moving across the back of my eyelids, strange pastel cartoons, usually, where a round-headed caricature of me is trying to escape from a cloud labelled “Future” or “Responsibility.”

My wife says that sometimes she can see the projector’s flickers behind my eyes.


They camped out on the side of the mountain, within a stone’s throw of the moon. A campfire warmed their bodies; anticipation warmed their hearts.

Tomorrow was the summit day, the flag-raising day. The pinnacle. The peak.

Beyond that was the descent, so aptly named.

Reminiscence is colder than anticipation.

This story is based on a title suggested by @brucerytel.