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Two Prongs Are Not Enough

Two rectangular prongs and one round prong. Perfection.

Joe had worked at Hob’s Hardware long enough to know that, at least. These three prongs were the holy triumvirate, the electron bearers, the voltage senders, the ohm inducers.

In these troubled days, that was all he was truly certain of anymore.

The Lettuce Collector

She explained to me that produce was essential to progress. “Science?” she would say. “Show me science on an empty stomach!”

Farming was her calling. Everything else, she said, didn’t really matter.

A twist of fate brought me, undeserving, through the famine, left alone to carry her message of life.

Knowing It All

Henderson Michaelthromp knew a lot of facts. He read encyclopedias, record books, travel brochures, even Hansards.

No one ever seemed impressed, even when he knew the average lifespan of a diabetic macaw.

Then one day Henderson knew just the right facts to save a little girl’s life. And he did.