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“Ha!” scoffed Mr. Yugin. “My powers are at least three times greater than your own. Your most powerful attacks are as nothing to me!”

“Oh really? But you haven’t seen my most powerful attack yet!” said Guko with a grin.

“Whaaat!?!?” cried Mr. Yugin.

Guko raised his spirit-laser super sword.

THICKE AND EDGELOW 11: A Lack of Originality

“Do you expect me to talk?” scoffed Evan Edgelow.

“No, Mr. Edgelow,” said Dr. Maisoui, “I expect you to shout.” He pressed a button. The laser-light machine was very loud.

Edgelow only smirked as Timothy Thicke crept up behind the doctor, hit him with a potted plant, and shrugged modestly.