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Cedar Dust and Sore Shoulders

She heard the saw cease its whirring.

Her love stomped in, dewdrops of sweat lining his creased forehead, clutching a crude cedar carving of a heart.

He had suffered so much, and still laboured under the weight of the memories, but today, it seemed, his stomps fell a little lighter.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This story is based on a title suggested by @PoshPlatypus.

A Joyous Occasion

“Ow! Oooooow!! Ouch! Ooh… Aah… Huuuaaaah… OH!! Woooow… Whoa! Aaaah! It burns! Eeeeek! Aaaaargh! Nyyyuuuurrgh… WWWAAAAAAAAUUGHH!! Hoooly mother of painburgersssss… GRROOOOAARGH IT HURTS SO BAAAAD!! No, why, why!?!? Ooow!! Never again! I swear on your grandmother’s grave if you ever even BHAAAAAUGH!!! OW OW OW!!”

“…I said I was sorry.”