DAVID WING: Found – Please Take

A rather short gentleman.

Answers to the name Shamus.

Wears an emerald green suit, a buckled hat and black shoes and won’t stop smoking his pipe in the house.

Keeps on about his pot of gold but refuses to kick in for the groceries.

If he’s yours, please claim — soon.

 David is a writing student, has had work published on a few sites, and seems to be on a supernatural kick at the moment.

2 thoughts on “DAVID WING: Found – Please Take

  1. I was unaware you knew my brother-in-law. Even my wife is glad he finally moved on from our home after his last visit, which lasted two months. She said Guniess beer kept showing up in the grocery bags ever time she went shopping and she never remembered putting it in the cart!

    No! You can keep him. Send a dozen gold coins from that silly pot if you find it. Pays for his beer at least!

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