3 thoughts on “LL MADRID: Good Boy

  1. Fantastic perspective. Though I’m a cat person, I loved this story. Thanks for sharing this excellent tale.

  2. This just broke my heart into pieces. I was a dog rescuer (until I had too many rescues and too few new families to take them in). One of my last rescues had a story just like this one. Left alone in an open field, a small dog hid in a pile of garbage for three days. Always poking out his head when he heard me walk by, never coming out or letting me touch him. On the third night a truly frightening thunder storm broke, and at 2am in the morning, black as pitch, and rain falling harder than sleet, I went out with a towel, walked up to the garbage pile, and he let me pick him up. He was shaking so hard I almost dropped him. Got him home, gave hima hot bath and dried him, gave him water and food, and let him sleep on a bed in the bathroom. The next day I slowly introduced him to my other rescues, but it was too much for him, so I put him back in the bathroom, with a see-through doggie door, until he got used to his new brothers/sisters. I eventually found a foster home for him that ended up adopting him. He was a good boy, and he stayed right where he was “dropped off” for three whole days, until he was too scared and too hungry to wait for his family to pick him up any longer.

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