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The Necromancer’s Dog

Living amongst death and decay was simply part of being a necromancer, but Khin-Topekh hadn’t expected so much loneliness.

Employing his best problem-solving skills, the necromancer went to the pet store and picked out a puppy.

Little Fidus made him very happy, until she started stealing bones from his corpses.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Invariel.

Application Denied

Jurgen shook free of the dog’s steel-trap grip and tossed it over the cliff. For a moment, he felt guilty; then he cleansed the useless emotions from his mind.

They were coming, with guns and flashlights.

If the animal shelter would not give him a pet, he would take one.

Causing a Reaction

There was a complete stranger in the house, and no one else seemed to care. Jill and Bobby even seemed to like the trespassing feline.

So Mitsy began sneezing and sniffling and mewling.

She knew how things worked: they’d never keep the new cat if it was creating allergy problems.