7 thoughts on “BEN REYNOLDS: The Messenger

  1. Confusion reins? I have read it and reread it but I am still in the dark… is it some reference to Harry Potter? If so, why a motorbike and not an owl? I imagine you are rolling your eyes but being elderly and a great lover of ballroom dancing, I would beg a hint at the meaning that clearly it must have or you would not have devoted your precious time to it. Me? I have all the time in the world, figuratively speaking of course, but I would like to know. Respectfully a newbie flash dancer/writer.

    1. Hi Christian, thanks for reading! There’s no Harry Potter reference, at least not to my knowledge. There’s also nothing too deep about it. It’s just an elaborate wheeze really. In truth, my writing prompt for that day said I had to include a Royal Ballroom, a motorbike and a red triangle. Then it was just a question of finding the payoff, which I hope is at least vaguely amusing :)

      1. Hi Ben, forgive me. Now I feel I understand and am no longer a fusty old relic rotting in the corner of a museum basement. How very chivalrous of you to answer; a Triumph on your part – beware of quickstepping boy wizards, say I! Privet Drive lies in the village of Little Whinging, by the way. Do you have other (road)works I can read?

  2. I’m back – said I would only be a tick! Loved what I read. Bookmarked the dictionary story when I had a pee and poured some tea. Had to rewind, otherwise I would have spent all morning having fun… when I should be writing! I’ll recommend your site to everyone I meet – just you see… hours is not to reason why; hours is to do or try!
    Good luck! You are fun to warm up with! – that’s a lit. ref. not a camp invitation!

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