2017 Story of the Year Finalists

The quantity and quality of stories submitted to 50WS keeps rising, making 2017 an excellent year for our little corner of the microfiction world.

Here are the 12 Story of the Month winners for 2017.

JANUARY: Arte Verborum by Ingrid Jendrzejewsky
Over by Joan Trueman
Constellations by Jonathan Kosik
Window Shopper by Susan Gale Wickes
My Father, in Worcester, Massachussetts by Jennifer L. Freed
Table Manners by Christina Dalcher
Backtrack by B.C. Nance
Multiple Choice by Tracy Fells
Mutant by Boomer Trujillo
Surprise by John Fowler
The Goldilocks Zone by Viv Burgess
 They Only Ask, What’s Next? by Kara Johnson-Martinez

The winner, as chosen by editor Tim Sevenhuysen, will be announced on Saturday, February 3!

The prize for the Story of the Year winner will be:

  • $50 (Canadian)
  • Enshrinement in the 50WS Hall of Fame

Let everyone know your favourite story in the comments!

Throwback: In 2015, Bob Thurber won the Story of the Year award with his piece The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter. In 2016, Guy Preston took the prize with One Job Away From Retirement. The 2017 winner was Jennifer L. Freed, for Aunt Peg.

6 thoughts on “2017 Story of the Year Finalists

  1. All fine pieces. Congratulations to the authors.
    You’ve got a tough task ahead of you, Tim.
    Here’s my smidgen of help.
    In no particular order, I’d say the most merit is exemplified by :
    “Constellations” by Jonathan Kosik,
    “My Father, in Worcester, Massachussetts” by Jennifer L. Freed
    “Arte Verborum” by Ingrid Jendrzejewsky


    1. I love “Mutant” and “Backtrack,” too, but I agree that “Window Shopper” has to be considered the best of 2017. So much drama and hope and disappointment and sorrow and sympathy wrapped up in 50 words. I’m very jealous!!

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