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Kid Chameleon

When he wanted to stay in bed, he imitated a cozy blanket.

When he wanted to keep playing outside, he made himself look like a tree.

When he didn’t want to eat his broccoli, he blended into his chair.

Dad was usually fooled, but Mom could see right through it.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Vigafray.

Samantha is Special

Dad was jolted awake and screamed. Then he screamed again, but differently.

Mom ran in. Dad lay face-down, groaning.

Little Samantha stood beside him, holding a sparking wire.

Dad raised his head, and Mom saw… a toddler’s face?

“Samantha, what did you do?!”

“I electrocuted him,” she grinned.

One Wrong Answer

“Darling Cynthia, please give me just one more chance!”

“Why should I settle for an imperfect suitor?” sniffed Cynthia. “You answered a question wrong!”

“I’ll change my answer! I’ll change anything! Just tell me how!”

Cynthia considered. “Fine, one more chance. After all, I am the fairest of them all.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @Sir_Oddington.