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One Wrong Answer

“Darling Cynthia, please give me just one more chance!”

“Why should I settle for an imperfect suitor?” sniffed Cynthia. “You answered a question wrong!”

“I’ll change my answer! I’ll change anything! Just tell me how!”

Cynthia considered. “Fine, one more chance. After all, I am the fairest of them all.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @Sir_Oddington.

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Ecclesiastical Accounting

Seven-year-old Kyle sold strawberries on Saturdays. He got exactly six customers every hour; he counted them.

Then one Saturday, between one o’clock PM and two o’clock PM, he had nine customers.

Three of them didn’t buy anything, though. “The more things change,” Kyle sighed, “the more they stay the same.”

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