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Leave the World Better Than You Found It

“Today I’m a veritable wellspring of joy and enthusiasm! Let’s go make the world a better place!”

“It’s raining.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“My clothes are all dirty.”

“The rain will wash the ones you’re wearing.”

“I’ll never be younger than I am today.”

“…Wanna stay in and order Chinese?”

“Yes, please.”

This story was based on the prompt “wellspring” at TypeTrigger.

The Quest

In a movie I saw as a boy, there was a mystical cave hidden behind a waterfall. I remember how eagerly I quested that summer, how I found nothing but slippery rock faces.

Lying here, cold and tired, I sometimes wonder… What would I have found behind the next one?

This story was based on the prompt “waterfall” at TypeTrigger.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: FLANNERTY 2: Being Entirely Truthful

“So can any of you tell me the answer to five times seven?” asked Miss Flannerty. “Don’t be shy!”

Billy and Bobby and Suzie played silently with their pencils.

“Kelly, do you know the answer?”

“No,” whispered Kelly.

“That’s ok!” said Miss Flannerty. “It’s the same as my age! Twenty-three!”