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Bummed Out

“Man, you’re SUCH a bummer.”

“I am? I didn’t realize… I thought you invited me on this live animal capturing expedition because you enjoyed my company.”

“I do! But, see, when I tag the animals, I shoot the dart into their shoulders… Why do you keep aiming for their rumps?”

This story was based on the prompt “bummed out” at TypeTrigger.


Venus came home to chaos.

“What is going on!?”

“Hi, honey!” said her husband, Chris, standing behind a hutch with their daughter on his shoulders. “Tina and I bought a few bunnies!”

“A ‘few‘?”

“Well, we took two, but by the time we got home there were a bunch more…”

This story is based on a title suggested by @TsukiakariUsagi.

Aesop Says

A dog fell in a hole. The hole was very deep.

“Help! Help!” cried the dog.

“I will help you,” said a cat. It reached into the hole, but the dog barked and frightened it away.

It never pays to be mean to cute kitties. Kitties are great. Yay kitties!

A Small Problem

A mouse lived inside my walls. I tried to feed it cheese and peanut butter and other tasty things.

“I cannot take your gifts, sir,” it said. “I am afraid you will trap me!”

I convinced it I wouldn’t. We became friends.

A small problem: my rodent-phobic wife found out.

This story is based on a title suggested by @eikoandmog.

Perseverance in the Service of Freedom

They stood by the charred crater that had been their home and listened to the wind.

It told them, You’ve been hard done by.

It said, They had no right.

It whispered, Independence is our destiny.

It commanded, Hoist the New Antland flag, stand tall, and let the humans come.

Which One is a Pig?

“Pick a pig,” said the farmer. “Oh, Pig 3’s half price.”

Suzanna surveyed the oinking, grunting shapes wallowing in the sty. “Are you sure they’re all actually pigs?”

“‘Course I’m sure. I ain’t no swindler!”

“I only ask,” said Suzanna, “because Pig 3 looks like a stump with a tape recorder.”

This story is based on a title suggested by Michelle Sevenhuysen via Facebook.

Rhino’s Reward

Gazelle raised her royal head. “Having overcome the Lioness, our foe, you will now be granted your reward.”

Rhino nodded graciously. “I thank thee,” he rumbled.

Gazelle signalled Monkey, who draped a necklace of brown jasper around Rhino’s prodigious neck.

Rhino smiled softly. The stones matched his lovely Lioness’s eyes.