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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Rancid breath washed over him, spilling out from behind a mouthful of long, sharp, yellow teeth.

How had he ended up here, with his head halfway down a lion’s throat? “Exciting Opportunity,” they’d called it. “The Adventure of a Lifetime.”

He sighed wretchedly and gathered a long string of floss.

This story was based on the prompt “yellow teeth” at TypeTrigger.

Shot Down

Bethany stormed into the panda run.

Sammy and Florence, the local inmates, sauntered over and began looking for treats.

“He won’t listen!” said Bethany, stifling a sob.

The pandas’ faces drooped.

“Can’t he see how lonely you are? All we want is a couple of play dates with the orangutans.”

Living the Lazy Life

“Papa Panda! Papa Panda!”

There it went again.

“Papa Panda!”

It was incessant, unceasing, never-ending. (Synonyms were one of Papa Panda’s few pleasures.)

Papa Panda rolled over, half-opened one eye, and gestured impatiently at the annoying, agitating throng.

The tourists roared with glee.

Papa Panda found zoo life emotionally taxing.

Duck and Cover, Lover

Mandy gasped in delight. “It’s like I always dreamed! But how did you…?”

Travis grinned. “Let’s just say I owe the zookeeper a very complicated favor! Care for a ride?”

Mandy blushed. “I’d love one.”

By sunset’s glow, he drove the duck-drawn carriage down the meandering path to her heart.

This story was based on a prompt from @awesomejeka.