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Your Life in This Text Box

The lady at the talent agency handed me a pen. “We need a one-paragraph bio to include with your profile.”

“Just one paragraph?” I said. “Wow. Um… Is there a limit on the number of sentences?”

She looked at me kind of funny. “Are you sure acting is your thing?”

I’m not sure if it’s harder or easier for a writer to put together a single-paragraph bio. I know it’s pretty hard for me!

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “one paragraph.”

Franklin Waters’ Life

Life on the river held steamboats, catfish, bluegrass, and plenty of other Tom Sawyerisms, too. But flash floods, sunburns, and Aunt May’s colon-clogging cornbread made life difficult for Franklin Waters.

He solved the third problem by tossing her into the first, but never got a handle on the second one.