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Calvin Seeks Adventure

Calvin the little dinosaur went looking for Adventure.

He saw Stully the old Stegasaurus. “Do you know where I can find Adventure?” asked Calvin.

“Pshaw!” said Stully. “I used to eat Adventure for breakfast every morning! But now there’s a drought.”

“Oh,” said Calvin. “Thank you.” He kept searching anyways.

The Prince and the Tree Giant

“Clippity clop” went the horses’ hooves as they pulled the prince’s chariot along the forest path.

“No way!” said Milly.

“What now?” asked Dad.

“Horse hooves only go ‘clippity clop’ on hard surfaces, and what kind of forest has paved paths?”

Richard found it very irksome raising a child prodigy.

The Snake’s Pajamas

Snavrin the garter snake shivered in the grass and dreamed of being warm-blooded. Life was cold!

That afternoon, a little boy and a little girl caught him. He was terrified!

The girl slipped a set of green pajamas over his neck. Now he was warm!

But he looked pretty silly.

This story is based on a title suggested by @StealingZen.