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She literally stood on her head trying to impress Dad enough for one sincere compliment.

But he just smiled and said she was “gym-nasty,” so she jumped off the balance beam and tackled him and they both laughed, and he still didn’t seem to understand why she practiced so hard.

A Great Kite

Dad and Junior built a kite together. It was a great kite: tough, resilient, sturdy, high-flying, easy to handle, resourceful, loyal, hard-working, unselfish, sensitive, kind, even-handed, quick on its feet, pleasant, honest, stoic, self-aware, intelligent, shrewd, heavily armed, delicious, not-from-concentrate, and mostly harmless.

It was a metaphor for their relationship.

Junior Doesn’t Understand Women

“Dad,” said Junior, “I don’t think I understand women.”

Dad chuckled. “That’s common. Men never really know what women are┬áthinking.”

“Yeah,” said Junior. “They open their mouths and all I hear is ‘blah blah blah.’ Literally!”



“Blah blah blah?” asked Mom, sticking her head in the door.