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Through the Flames

I could barely see him through the smoke, a wispy silhouette, dancing and swaying to the rhythmless music of the crackling bonfire. His erratic movements transported me to some other place, a far-off, magical land. He was ethereal, mesmerizing, screaming…



This story was based on the prompt “through the flames” at TypeTrigger.

Hope Keeps Dancing

Hope wasn’t a talented dancer, but a massive crowd was gathered around the field, watching her sway and leap.

“Park’s closing!” advised a groundskeeper. “She’ll still be here tomorrow. Always is.”

“Does she ever stop?” asked a tourist.

“Not in ten years. Just slows down a bit now and then.”

Rudolf the Red-Nosed

Rudolf hopped on one foot, pirouetted, leapt to and fro, wiggled his hips, do-si-doed, executed a graceful plie, moonwalked, discoed, waltzed, two-stepped, wriggled like a worm, jigged like a hillbilly, and slapped his knees, but no matter what he did, it kept snowing.

Apparently he wasn’t a raindeer after all.

She Danced

She danced like a bird; she danced like a gazelle; she danced like a hurricane.

She danced like chocolate; she danced like a song; she danced like a rainbow.

After the accident, the doctors say, though her body was motionless, she danced in her mind, painting pictures in their EEGs.

Make Your Choice

Two bodies sway across the living room, their dance accompanied by the soothing strains of Barry Manilow.

“Mmph,” says the woman. “Your chin is… prickly.”

“Yeah,” says the man. “I’m going for sort of an ‘anthropomorphized wombat’ look. Do you like it?”

“…Here’s a razor. Your choice: chin or throat.”

Editor’s Note: This story was based on a call on Twitter for a noun, an adjective, and a verb. @Sarahkitten responded with wombat, prickly, and dance.