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So You Gave Birth to a Dinosaur

“So you say you gave birth to a… dinosaur.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“And that’s him, there? He looks quite normal to me.”

“He’s a dinosaur, really!”

“Well, if he is a dinosaur, when I place my finger in his mouth he should—HE BIT MY HAND OFF!!”

“I told you so.”

This was story was based on a title suggested by @Keab42.

Caring for Kimmy

Hailey looked concernedly into Kimmy’s watery eyes and said, “You look as sad as a koala bear with strep throat.”

Kimmy coughed and winced.

Hailey reached up into the eucalyptus tree and took Kimmy in her arms. The ailing marsupial snuggled up.

This was why Hailey had become a veterinarian.