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He gave her a wilted flower on February 15, just to see how she would react.

His friends thought it was hilarious.

She slapped him so hard she drew blood.

Ten years later, lying awake in bed, he realized he’d never met another girl who could make him really feel.

This story was based on the prompt “wilted” at TypeTrigger.

Let Your Feelings Flow

“Let those feelings go!” the counselor suggests. “Pour them out across the floor! It’ll help.”

I start with a single teardrop dripped onto the carpet. Then suddenly I’m on my knees flailing my fists, bang bang bang.

I’m cured. I forgive my father.

But man do I hate floors now.

This story was based on the prompt “pour it out” at TypeTrigger.


Christopher loved his wife, his kids, his dog, his job, and himself.

The only thing in the world that Christopher couldn’t stand was unhappy people.¬†Whenever Christopher met a sad, grumpy, or irritable person, he felt sad, grumpy, and irritable, too.

He was just like the rest of us, really.