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“I have never before encountered such impudence!” blustered the King. “It is an affront! It is an outrage! Insulting! Degrading! Disrespectful! I should have you put in the stocks, clapped in irons, hanged, beheaded! You’re just so very, very… Well, impudent!”

“My most humble and sincere apologies,” said the imp.

This story was based on the prompt “never before” at TypeTrigger.

The Second-Foot Shop

“That’s twenty pounds, thank ye sir,” burbled the bumpy-faced imp of a man behind the counter.

“Twenty pounds?” protested the customer. “For some hole-ridden leather that hardly deserves to be called a boot?”

The shop assistant slammed and locked the door.

“Twenty pounds,” the imp cackled, “in currency or flesh.”

This story was based on a title suggested by @HBird_James.