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“I have never before encountered such impudence!” blustered the King. “It is an affront! It is an outrage! Insulting! Degrading! Disrespectful! I should have you put in the stocks, clapped in irons, hanged, beheaded! You’re just so very, very… Well, impudent!”

“My most humble and sincere apologies,” said the imp.

This story was based on the prompt “never before” at TypeTrigger.

The Magic in a Word

There is great power in a word. Your task, apprentice, is to unlock it.

Begin by deeply internalizing its meaning. Then divide its syllables, and unravel them. Only when you have delved to the core of every phoneme will you be prepared to bend the word’s power to your will.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “in a word.”

Keys For Success

“Don’t forget your keys, dear.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Can you recite them for me, just to be sure?”

“Yes, mother… Patience. Perseverance. Perspective. Practicality. Proactivity.”

“Precisely! Oh, my brilliant, handsome young man. You’re going to make a great dictionary engineer.”

“Sure, unless they assign me somewhere other than the P division.”

Bettering Oneself

We bumped one another in the mall.

“Well excuse me,” she pouted.

But I didn’t. Her tone, her look, and her behaviour were a sad excuse for civility, so I excused myself from the situation.

Satisfied, I proceeded to the next entry in my Word-Practice Dictionary: excycloduction would be harder.