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Fix My Problem

“Do you have Polygons for sale?”

“Certainly, sir!”

“Excellent. They’re just what I need to solve my problem. You see, lately it’s felt┬álike part of me is missing…”

“Very strange. And you think new Polygons will help?”

“Probably not, but I hope they’ll at least solve my parrot infestation.”

Lesser Human Forms

This story was based on a call on Twitter for the first five words of a story. @jc_sharp provided “The infestation came fast, Zombies”.

The infestation came fast, Zombies News reported. Peaceful settlements were raided during the day by human soldiers wielding needle guns. Those struck with the poisoned needles gradually lost their zombinity, reverting to their lesser human forms. Those that were not kidnapped by the human infesters have been gathered in quarantine.