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Grass Knuckles

Melinda was a contrarian: she even became a tomboy just to prove the midwife wrong.

She was an anti-Earth activist, campaigning against her parents’ environmental research. Her slogan was “Green thumb; grass knuckles.”

They told her punching the ground didn’t actually hurt Mother Nature, which made her hit it harder.

This story is based on a title suggested by @KingKool.

Batman Goes to the Zoo

One day Bruce Wayne brought Dick Grayson to the Gotham City Zoo.

While they were there, they got caught up in, and foiled, a mobster’s nefarious mammal-smuggling scheme.

“This city is full of animals,” said Batman.

It was that kind of writing that threatened to kill the comic book industry.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Wear_Wolf.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Vanishing Buttons

Jonathan had a special relationship with his shirt buttons.

You see, Jonathan was corpulent, rotund. He relied on his buttons to keep his portliness in check.

But Jonathan never said “Please” or “Thank you” to his buttons, and they got fed up.

So during an important meeting, they ran away.

This story is based on a title suggested by @kinogami.

NEWS: Win a Print Copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One

If you don’t yet have a copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One in print, how would you like a chance to win one?

On Monday, June 13, I will draw one name from a hat to win a print copy of Volume One.

How do you get your name in the hat? There are three “fronts” to the contest, and each can get you one entry. (That’s a maximum of three entries per person, for all you Math majors.)

First, you can share a link to FiftyWordStories.com on Twitter, making sure to include the hashtag #50wordstories.

Second, you can Like my new Page on Facebook.

Third, you can join in the discussion about the short story Saucer from my recent short fiction collection, Living and Dying. Everyone who comments on this blog post will receive an entry. If you haven’t read Saucer yet, get the collection here!

Good luck, everyone!

Note: If the winner lives outside of North America, they’ll have to cover the difference between the North American and outside-of-North-America shipping.

How the End Begins

“How will the end begin?” my daughter asked me one night. “And I don’t want you make any jokes about the letters ‘T’ and ‘H’ or tell me I’ll find out when I’m older or change the subject!”

Just then, a billion trumpets sounded.

“Whoa,” she said. “Never mind, daddy.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @stealingzen.

Born For This

An ostrich, a penguin, and a barn swallow walk into a bar.

The ostrich and the penguin seem uncomfortable. “Are birds like us allowed here?” they ask nervously.

“Follow my lead,” says the barn swallow. “No one will bother you as long as you sit at the bar ‘n’ swallow.”

This story is based on a prompt suggested by @Matt_LRR.

The Warm Numbness of Hypothermia

A final luxury granted to the condemned: “How would you like to go?”

He contemplated deeply, finally requesting the warm numbness of hypothermia.

In this land of sun and sand, his choice spoke to a greatness of spirit that moved the tribunal’s hearts.

But it didn’t move them that far.

Today’s story is based on a title suggested by @stealingzen.