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It was my lifetime’s work, but tonight I finally understood the folly of it all.

My invention didn’t work.

Jumping into the river, I realized my error. As I went down for the third and final time, my whole life flashed before my eyes. I had found my time machine.

Steve Coverdale is an Englishman living in Nova Scotia. He is currently writing his first novel about a football player who lives forever.

An Important Discovery

A glowing box with a door poofed into the middle of the world’s first patent office with an electric flash. A haggard man burst out of it.

“Sir, quickly! I’ve come from the past to claim a patent!”

“Certainly,” said the patent officer. “On what?”

“I call it Chewing Gum!”

It Runs on Anything

“Wow, that thing’s huge!”

“It’s my latest invention!”

“Very cool.”

“I’m really proud of it. It can burn almost anything as a fuel source. Gas, wood, flour, cigarette butts, human flesh…”

“How about this mud?”

“It’ll run on mud, yep.”

“That’s so awesome. What does it do?”

“…It burns things.”

Editor’s Note: This story is based on a call on Twitter for a noun, an adjective, and a verb. @mochrie_rocks responded with mud, huge, and run.