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TIM SEVENHUYSEN: In Death as in Life

Thrashing through the midnight darkness,
he stumbled
but did not cry out.

Silently he lay
listening to silence.

Then he fumbled
in his pocket
for a match.

In the flame’s flickering glow, he was struck
by irony
and the traitor’s arrow.

He had assumed
he would die
by the sword.

“This is Flammable!?”

“Oh, come on, you’re pulling my leg…”

“I am not. It’s true!”

“If gasoline is really flammable, then why doesn’t my stomach explode? I’ve been drinking that stuff for years.”

“Well you’d need a spark to set it off.”

“Here, I’ll swallow a lit match to prove it.”



This story was inspired by a title supplied by @gameking128 on Twitter.