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My Glock and Spiel

“No one listens. NO ONE EVER LISTENS!!”

In the corner, several people were cowering. “Are you going to let us go?”

The irate tuxedoed gentleman whirled in fury, brandishing a handgun. “No!” he cried. “Ignorant fools. Listen. Appreciate. Learn. Grow.”

The captives cringed as the musician bent over his glockenspiel.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Jillers.

A Promising Future

He was set to become the biggest thing since the Jonas Brothers when it all went wrong.

It started with the pimples. Makeup helped at first, but soon it got out of hand.

Then his voice started cracking, so he lip-synched his concerts.

But the haircut was the final straw.

Rap Party

At the end of the first season of their reality TV series, the members of Hephty Rithums gathered their producers and kru together to celebrate.

They had lobster, steak, caviar, champagne, and a dunk tank full of money, just because.

They offered to perform a song, but were politely declined.