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NEWS: Stories Begin Again on Monday, July 5

Mark your calendar; it’s finally time!

The first new fifty-word story since February 22 is scheduled to go live this Monday, July 5, and there will be a new story every weekday after that. My goal is to complete another year of stories.

In the first year of fifty-word stories, I posted a story every day of the week. This time I’m going to restrict the stories to Monday to Friday. The reason for this is that I found myself burning out a bit as the months went on, and a couple of days each week to recharge my creative juices will help me avoid that.

The site has undergone a couple of changes, as well. The most notable changes are the addition of the ability to share and comment on stories via Facebook and Twitter as well as a new navigation bar to make different parts of the site easier to access. I’m also adjusting the way stories are classified and categorized, so that you can find what you want to read without having to read through the entire archive.

Finally, the FiftyWordStories.com book continues to move forward. I have to finalize the cover, make a few changes to the order of the stories and the way they’re divided into chapters, and take a look at a proof copy, but I’m reasonably confident that the book will be ready for ordering by the end of the month.

Let me know what you think of the changes! I’m excited about the new stories, and I hope you are, too.