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Rory’s First Hunt

Slithering, sliding, slipping… Rory the ravenous raccoon eased his way through the gap under the newly painted fence with a patience that belied his urgency.

There! He was through, and scampering into the safety of the woods.

They found Elvis dead that morning. The orange paw prints were never reported.

This story was based on a prompt from @MisterFiendZero.

Poor Bill

They found him in his living room.

He was known to drink to excess, but this was different. Everyone knew two things about Bill: he never wasted alcohol, and he kept his newspapers immaculate.

He’d spilled beer all over the paper. That’s how they knew it was a heart attack.

This story was based on a prompt from @davefp via Twitter. I asked for two nouns and a verb, and he supplied paperheart, and drink.